Coding Style Standard and Clean Commit Code in Eclipse

A common mistake done by developers when they raise merged request to the code repository, you probably seen a lot of spaces in the code, unindent, missing bracelets, camel case or non came case and others, that you can easily spot on as code reviewer.

As developer we need to keep the code to be consistent in terms of code style and clean up, is regardless of who is the coder.

Let’s start.

Applying to IDE

Download the java Google code style file from the repository here.

Open your Eclipse and click on Window > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Formatter

Click import and select the eclipse-java-google-style.xml file

Eclipse Formatter

And to apply changes whenever we click on the save button in eclipse. Please open Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Save Actions

Eclipse Editor Save Actions




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Suharman Djaja

Suharman Djaja

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